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Human centric leadership

Leadership Coaching

Modern leadership calls for a heart-centric approach. It is about showcasing empathy and vulnerability even when these emotions don't inherently align with one's leadership style.

Modern leadership calls
for a heart-centric approach

About the Program:

Are you an executive or aspiring leader seeking a transformative approach that places people at the core of your leadership?


Our one-on-one Mastering the Art of Human-Centric Leadership coaching program is designed for you.

Developed from proven theories by sociologists, management and organisational psychology leaders.

Ready to Transform Your Leadership?

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The Real Art Lies in Leading From the Heart

As we progress to focusing on improved employee experiences, modern leadership calls for a heart-centric approach.


It's about showcasing empathy and vulnerability even when these emotions don't inherently align with one's leadership style.

What You Will Learn:

Laying the Foundations:

Identify your unique leadership challenges and objectives.

Personalise renowned leadership theories to your style.

Understanding Needs & Motivation:

Decode your own and your team's underlying needs and motivations.

Emotional Competency:

Master the art of emotional intelligence and empathy in leadership.

Building Collaborative Environments:

Foster trust and collaboration among your team members.

Communication Mastery:

Sharpen your communication and conflict-resolution skills.

Practical Applications:

Apply the skills learned in real-world leadership scenarios.

Review and Reflect:

Gauge your progress with performance metrics and peer feedback.

Future Path & Continued Learning:

Craft a plan for ongoing growth in human-centric leadership.


Metrics for Success:

Transition towards a more human-centric leadership style.

Improved interpersonal relationships.

Practical application of human-centric principles in


Who Is It For?

  • CEOs, Executives, and Senior Leaders who aim to revolutionise their approach by adopting a human-centric lens, ultimately improving employee experience and organisational success.

  • Aspiring leaders who want to progress to leadership roles, want to lead differently and know a human-centred approach is where the impact lies. 

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Ready to Transform Your Leadership?

Get started on your journey towards human-centric leadership today.  Contact us to learn more. 

What the data tells us...

Leaders grapple with applying vulnerability to their leadership and work. Yet, vulnerability is the key to establishing deeper connections and building trust within our teams. 

Leaders find it challenging to hold hard conversations, and vulnerability plays a crucial role in holding hard conversations. 


Vulnerability is not just linked to but is foundational for holding hard conversations that can lead to transformative change.

Transformational and human-centric leaders

lead with vulnerability, empathy and from the heart. 


"A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential."
Brene Brown PhD, LMSW. 

"Our Heart-Centric Leadership Program is built upon leading organisational psychologists' theories and embodies sociologist Brené Brown's research that true leaders courageously develop potential in people and processes. We focus on teamwork for lasting growth, equipping leaders as catalysts for collective change and success." 
Sallina Jeffrey, MBA, MAICD.


A research professor at the University of Houston has spent 20 years studying courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. 

Ceo and founder 

The  Mentoring Movement PTY LTD

Executive Insight Report

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