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Software, Features & Functionality

Customisable, Flexible, Secure, Easy to Implement and Scalable 

Fully-Responsive Web App

iOS® and Android® Mobile Apps

Customisable Mentor Matching Options

Customisable Data Capture Fields

Goal Setting & Mentor Meeting Scheduling

24-Part Mentor Training Video Series

Outlook® & Google® Calendar Integration

Built-in Video Calling

Customisable Email Trigger Notifications

Forums, Profile Pages & Community Building

In-Depth Program and Granual Reporting

Direct Private Messaging

1. Mentor Training

Training, support, and resources come first when we deploy the software. Setting you up for success from the start

At TMM, we stand by training and support our clients before any software is implemented. Successful mentoring programs are due to the training support and ongoing guidance we offer our clients.  


If you already have internal training, wonderful! If not, we're here to assist. We host live mentoring launch webinars and give access to 300+ mentoring resources, including articles, e-books, and a 24-video series to ensure your participants are well-prepared for success.

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2. Mentorship Match Mastery

With TMM"s platform, you're in charge. Choose from three matching methods: let our smart algorithm pair mentors and mentees, manage the pairing as an administrator, or let individuals select from recommended matches.


Our matching considers critical mentoring focus areas administrators set, blending with factors like availability, mentor capacity, location, and profile keywords.

There are three ways to match participants: Let the algorithms match for you, led by administrators or by each participant.

3. Mentor Management

Manage the end-to-end mentoring relationship, set goals, and schedule meetings. 

Once paired, mentors and mentees can oversee their mentoring journey directly on our platform.


They can arrange meetings, set goals, and conduct sessions with our integrated video and phone features.


Integration with Outlook®, Google® calendars, and Microsoft Teams® is seamless. Additionally, our platform offers community forums to promote events, networking, and shared learning.

4. Mentor Success

Capability to track engagement, feedback and milestones, all on one dashboard.


Manage your mentoring programs efficiently with total control over matching and mentorship.


Dive deep into details using your TMM admin panel: monitor mentor pairings, track progress, gauge engagement, and dispatch feedback surveys.


Access comprehensive mentoring reports and effortlessly toggle features like approvals, matching criteria, branding, terminology, emails, SSO integration, and more, all within a secure 2-factor authentication platform.

Let's remove the admin burden of managing manual mentoring programs.

Request a demo, enter your email address, and

let us show you how easy it is to launch our mentoring software. 

Our platform promotes itself,
where we have been featured. 


Cloud-based setup and integrations included.

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Hosted in Europe and GDPR compliant, our cloud solution is primed for deployment within a day. Seamless integrations come standard with your platform, enabling quick connections to Single Sign-On (SSO), calendar and video call functionalities. 

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