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T.M.M Media and Branding

At The Mentoring Movement, our mission is clear – to make mentoring more accessible, effective, and empowering for the world. Bringing this vision to life presents its own set of challenges. However, since our inception, we have significantly progressed in assisting both individuals and organisations to harness the true potential of mentoring, courtesy of our distinct and rapidly progressing technology.

We invite the use of The Mentoring Movement's brand name, logo, and brand assets across digital and print platforms. Kindly adhere to our guidelines and share instances of such usage with our team wherever feasible.

T.M.M's Logo

Our logo embodies the essence of our brand. It's crucial that its integrity is maintained. Avoid altering its colours, spacing, fonts, or any of its elements. Always use the officially approved digital versions

Click here to download a PDF version of THE MENTORING MOVEMENT'S LOGO

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