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Who is TMM? 

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The Mentoring Movement: Revolutionising Employee Experience

Through Advanced Mentoring Software

Founded in 2020 in Sydney, Australia, TMM's software has rapidly emerged as an industry leader, providing robust mentoring software tailored to organisations seeking to alleviate the administrative strain of launching expansive mentoring initiatives. Under the visionary leadership of its CEO and Founder, Sallina Jeffrey, The Mentoring Movement is not just a tech start-up but a transformative force advocating for enhanced employee experience.



Armed with an MBA and bolstered by her advanced qualifications in leadership, board readiness, technology and entrepreneurship, Sallina has steered The Mentoring Movement with a rare acumen. Her deep understanding of the dynamics of employee engagement and the intrinsic value of the employee voice is evident in the state-of-the-art solutions offered by the platform. Furthermore, Sallina's influence isn't restricted to the corridors of The Mentoring Movement.


She sits on the industry panel for the Australian Institute of Business, having an influential voice on ever-evolving trends in entrepreneurship, marketing, and technology. Sallina was selected as a mentor of MBA students for the Australian Institute of Business, guiding and advising the leaders of tomorrow. Her insights, drawn from this broad spectrum of involvement, are woven into the fabric of The Mentoring Movement's offerings, ensuring they remain relevant, adaptive, and future and forward-focused.


At The Mentoring Movement, the commitment isn't just towards offering a service but towards shaping the future of organisational dynamics. With a focus on emerging trends and a steadfast dedication to enhancing the employee experience, it is positioned as the platform for transformative change.

Meet the Team

At the heart of The Mentoring Movement is a dedicated trio based in Sydney and London, directing the primary operations with a keen vision and unwavering commitment. But our strength extends far beyond our trio. We're bolstered by an extensive global network that encapsulates technical officers, developers, customer success managers, content strategists, and data scientists, all working cohesively to bring our solutions to life.

Moreover, our reach spans to an impressive community of over 100,000 mentors worldwide. These individuals are not just numbers but are the soul of our mission, ready to guide our clients through their mentoring program journey. Together, we are The Mentoring Movement – a blend of local expertise and global collaboration, committed to transforming how organisations execute mentoring programs at scale.

Ed Johnson The Mentoring Movement

Ed Johnson

Forbes 30 under 30

  • Linkedin

Ed Johnson, recognised on Forbes' 30 under 30 list in 2022, ardently believes that mentoring should be accessible to all, establishing him as a leading voice in European mentoring circles.


With a shared dedication to mentoring alongside Sallina, Ed helms PushFar as its CEO and Co-founder, innovating in the realms of mentoring, career development, and employee engagement.

As a member of The Mentoring Movement's advisory panel and with a rich background in digital marketing and online business, Ed's accomplishments underscore his stature as a paramount voice for mentoring in the European market

Sallina Jeffrey Founder and CEO TMM (1).jpeg

Sallina Jeffrey


  • Linkedin

Sallina Jeffrey is the CEO and Founder of The Mentoring Movement. She holds a distinguished MBA and is a voice on the Australian Institute of Business's industry panel discussing entrepreneurship, technology, and marketing trends. Mentors emerging leaders, including MBA candidates, and is a sought-after keynote speaker. Renowned for her workplace engagement and culture insights, Sallina also coaches executive leaders on heart-centered leadership.


Sallina believes that "unhappy workers cannot be the soul of our organisations and society." This mantra underpins her relentless drive to revolutionise workplace dynamics, fostering environments where both culture and employees thrive.

Dr Vishal Rana The Mentoring Movement

Dr Vishal Rana


  • Linkedin

Dr Vishal Rana is a distinguished thought leader in the realm of generative AI within the education sector. Holding a PhD, he serves on the advisory panel of The Mentoring Movement, lending his expertise to shape the future of mentoring.


Recognized as one of LinkedIn's top voices in higher education, Dr Rana is at the forefront of discussions on the transformative potential of generative AI in academia. His innovative insights position him as a leading voice in the evolving landscape of AI-driven educational paradigms. Vishal brings rich insights to The Mentoring Movements advisory panel. 

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